Sunday, November 22, 2009

After Christmas we always need to get our Thank yous out and they also need to be quick ones.

This card is a five minute card..

I used a scrap of wall paper for the back paper.(I believe in living green)  I made a template by cutting a spellbinder plastic packaging material...  cut it to A2 card front size... then cut out the center to have what I thought would be an eye appealing border width...
 I can use this template over and over again and again.
I line up the outside edges, and use a copic pigment pen to draw the border ..leaving room to stamp my words.  Using this pen, I can emboss if I wish.  (On this card I did.)

I  stamped the roses from the "Crackerbox Palace" and embossed them.
Then I used a cheap paint that works like H2O's...and covers well on wallpaper to paint the flowers.
The embossing keeps oit from going out of the lines, thus Ican paint it quickly.
  The words are also from another Cracker box stamp, that is so well made that I can use the rest of the stamp for the inside.     The inside says:  May the world always be
                                                             as wonderful for you,
                                                             as you make it for others.

The line on the front of this card is the first part of the same word stamp.  I forgot to take a picture of the inside before I sent it out!!LOL Told you I was new to this!
Joy and Peace to all,

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Patricia St Martin said...

Chick, really nice. Love the idea of using wall paper. I have used it with many different cards. Love your blog.....