Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was asked what I do to the insides of my cards??

SOOOO I took a couple of pictures of the cards that I already have posted.
Sometimes I leave them blank until I know who will get it, so that it can be personalized for that particular person... Sometimes.. I am short of time and just grab my beloved outline stickers and jazz it up a bit.. They are pretty, but do not add bulk like layering would. (Layering is reserved for when the stamped image didn't get on straight) LOL like in the blue card.. This is the inside of the House Mouse santa card. The words are from :
The Cracker box Palace.

This one is the inside of the cuttlebugged Santa flyinf over the houses card.  The stickers allow it to remain one CS thick.

These words are also from the Crackerbox Palace.
I really love their stamps.. Well made, Stamp well, and neat sayings and images.. A huge variety! Check 'em out!

I have some thanksgiving things to share... my kids (in my profile picture) can't get home until Saturday.. so I have more time to finish things up than most of you.. So these are just my proto types not the finsihed product.. more later.

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Patricia St Martin said...

I also do last minute when it comes to putting something inside my cards but them when I make them I do not know who I'm going to give them to so I wait tell I know them I put the message inside. Love your picture Chick.... Wonderful picture of the family.