Monday, July 5, 2010

House Mouse using copics

This is another request from my stamping friends.  I apologize for it being SO late. Hopefully this first day off in more than 6 months, will be the start of me getting back into the swing of blogging.

Everyone who knows me , knows that I love House Mouse Stamps.  Many stampers had a fear of them because of the coloring issues.

Although I tend to make the skin of the mice a bit different for each one.. the easier way  would beto use the same on all of them until you develop your own preferences.
I use either E000 or R00 all over the skin and then use E00 to shade it with just a bit of W1 for the darker shadows. Underside of the tail etc.
      TANNED look I use
            RV02 blended out with RV000
            RV23 blended with RV10
      Although any of the cheek colors would work, I like
             R22 blended with RV000 or a hightlight done with 0.
FUR (I will post one Mouse a day)
She has been discribed by her designer as having fawn colored fur.
I use;
Y21 all over
I blend in YR 23
Y26 for deeper shadows
W1 to tone out the brighter areas.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Back

Well it has taken me a long time.. But I finally have a day off! Thank God for the 4th, and the freedom it has given me today...

I promised many stamping friends that I would post my favorite sandwiches for the cuttlebug.
So better late than never!!

To Cut a Nestable: (In the Cuttlebug)
(From the bottom up)
Wizard's master white plate
Wizard's magnet
Nestable die cutting side up
card stock
Cuttlebug's B plate
Wizard's other white plate

I like this sandwich as I have never had to replace another plate...and that  is doing hundreds of cuts a week. Before, when I used what most of the people I read about use with the cuttlebug.. I had to replace a B plate about every third week.  With this sandwich I've been able to even straighten out the warping caused by using the nestable with the cuttlebug only sandwiches.

My "fave" embossing sandwich (in the cuttlebug with the nestable)
(From the bottom up)

Wizard's master white plate
Wizard's magnet

Nestable die cutting side up
        with card stock inside it
Wizard's Tan embossing mat

Wizard's white spacer plate
Wizard's other white plate

There you have it.. I have never been so happy with the way my spellbinders cut and emboss as when I discovered this sandwich.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long time. . . I'm trying to come back!

So sorry that all of my best laid plans went astray.. and I was unable to squeeze in blogging with all of my other duties since my hubby had had surgery in November of last year. Once you take it out if your daily schedule, one is sunk to find a way to squeeze it back in.  i have MANY things to share, and I hope that it will start happening by this weekend. School is almost over.. so my early MORNING duty at school ended yesterday. (Why I have an extra 20 minutes this morning!)

My first order of business this weekend will be to get all of you MY fave sandwiches for the various other than cuttlebug dies in the cuttle bug.

So tune in, by Monday I will have the first installment of those ready to go!!! I'm Back!!
Thanks for your Patience!