Monday, December 14, 2009

For my "baby" boy's birthday!

My youngest,Reza, turned 25 on 12/12/09 and since he loves to play poker, I decided to make him a "money" card.  It is an easel/shaker card.
Of course the words are mostly computer generated, and I had to put a quarter in the shaker part to symbolize his turning of a quarter of a century.

I love the easel cards, because not only do they display themselves, your message that is hand written can be hidden from the rest of the viewers, even when the card it on display.

Did you know that if you use an ink jet printer and work quickly, you can emboss your words, thus making it seem like you really stamped them.  You do have to work quickly, but if anyone is interested in the details, email me at and I will give you the details.

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