Sunday, December 20, 2009

Humerous encouragement

Christmas time as wonderful as it is, it is also hectic, if we are honest about it.  Not that we don't love it, just it is hard to get every thing done.  Then at times, things happen that we need to give a bit of encouragement...How to fit THAT kind of a card into our schedule? You need to make a card that my friend Denise Householder calls, A QUICK CHICK card.  Although she says that dripping with sarcasm.  This is a quick one.
My main vice is ICE CREAM!! I could eat it for breakfast!!  So when I saw this stamp at the Crackerbox Palace,  I had to make a card with it... I remember seeing a "sticker" of ice cream in a rummage sale-like box of goodies I had picked up.. and literally the card was created in a minute.  I know that the CRACKERBOX PALACE also has some really cool ice cream stamps, and I plan to use those on cards when I am not in the season of needing to finish my Christmas cards.  But to get it out "chick quick" style there are no bows, and the words are the only thing stamped.

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Patricia St Martin said...

I do know what you mean... everyone is so busy. so when this time is over it is always nice because life can go back to the way it should be.. Love getting family together. I have stopped doing christmas cards also. love you ice cream card, really cute. stop by my blog some time or become a follower
I'm a follower of your so when you post something I get a message that you posted something.