Thursday, December 10, 2009

St. Nicholas's Day

Although I know that this should have been posted before the sixth of Dec.... sometimes life gets in the way.

St Nicholas's day has always been special to me, coming from a German background and all, but when my Beloved Dad passed away on St. Nicholas Eve. Dec. 5th , 30 years ago....I found it was a way to honor the beautiful giving person he was.  So I have always celebrated it by making a simple gift and giving it out in his name.

This was something that was cased from candle- lite reps, who made Lollipops from their tea lite candles.
Of course they didn't stamp a card with it..

Here is a close up of the tag.

This has been my favorite St. Nicholas face for a long time.
I hope to finish up some cards I have in the making with other Santa faces and post them soon.
Between the dumping of snow that came, as well as all the birthdays we have in Dec.  I don't always get things done in the timely manner that I would like to.
I will share one more picture, although it is a card in the making.  My good friend and co-worker is getting two baby kittens soon, and this is to welcome them into the family...when it is finished that is!

For now that's all folks!
hugs and blessings,

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Connie said...

What a nice tradition in honoring your dad's memory. Which stamp is the St Nick from - he was nicely drawn. I also like the "lolly pop" idea. Cute.